Finding Time for Fitness in a Busy Life


About me:

Hey there! I’m Amanda and I am a fitness, food, and family fanatic. I am a NASM- Certified Personal Trainer (CPT). I’m obsessed with coffee and reading. And I am a stay at home mom to my two wonderful kids. I’m here to share my love for my 4 favorite F words: fitness, food, (fitness) fashion and family.


My family:

My super supportive husband, Jacob and I have two rambunctious kids, Marley and Jackson. We also have a beautiful black and white adopted cat, Roxie. We live in the great state of Wisconsin, home to the Green Bay Packers and the Milwaukee Brewers and Bucks! We love to watch sports, swim in our pool (in the summer), and play video games!


My background:

I am a fitness obsessed certified personal trainer. I love to exercise and I do so 6 days a week for about 30-45 minutes each day. As much as I love to workout, I am very busy so I try to squeeze in the best workout in the shortest amount of time.

I wasn’t always into fitness. I grew up not liking to play sports or do much outside. I was a cheerleader for a few years in middle and high school. I was never the best on the team but I worked hard at what I could do!

In high school and college I was in a few beauty pageants so I would try to workout a bit before competing. I never had a fitness routine that I stuck to.

After getting married and having 2 kids, I knew something needed to change. We were going on a family trip to SoCal and I knew I needed to lose my mommy pouch before we went. I found a 15 day mommy fit challenge on Facebook and it was great! Short workouts that I could do while the kids slept. Easy to follow meal plans that were also breastfeeding friendly. A community of other moms would were also trying to lose weight. It was amazing!

I lost a total of 30 lbs since starting my fitness journey in May, 2016. I’ve gained some lean muscle and look forward to gaining more muscle. I have also gained a confidence in myself that I lacked for a long time! I am happier. I have more energy.


Why I started this blog:

I created Fueled by Coffee and Fitness because of my love for fitness. I want to make fitness fun and easy for everyone from beginners to those who workout consistently. I love changing up my routine and I can provide some fun ways to change your fitness routine. My goal is to keep every workout short and sweet. We all lead busy lives but taking 30 minutes a day to become lean, fit and strong is something everyone can do!