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Ring Fit Adventure, Video game + exercise

Ring Fit Adventure, Video game + exercise

Ring Fit Adventure 

Do your kids (or spouse… or even yourself) love video games? Are you trying to think of ways to keep them active while they play video games?

There are several different things you could do. You could buy a stationary bike and have them ride the bike while playing video games. Or buy a treadmill and have them walk on it while playing. But let’s be honest, what kid WANTS to do that while playing video games.

If you already have a Nintendo Switch, it would be much cheaper to just buy a game that includes movement in it.


Nintendo released a new game recently called Ring Fit Adventure .

I will be completely honest, when my husband showed me the ad for this game, I thought it was a joke. It felt like an infomercial with horrible acting. But as I continued to watch and ask if this was a joke, I was intrigued. A game that not only encourages you to workout while playing, that is the WHOLE game. You are moving the whole time while playing this game.

First off, let me say, this is not a sponsored post. We decided to buy the game and try it out. And I was pretty excited. I mean I workout daily but sometimes I need to switch it up a bit. My weekly routine of  Barre workouts, weight lifting, and recently cardio kickboxing is great. But there are times when I want to do something different.


I am ready to try Ring Fit Adventure!

Set up is very easy. You answer a few questions and you are pretty much ready to go. So, after running through the set up and picking my difficulty level, I was ready to start! I didn’t really know what to expect but I was ready!

The player needs to run through each level, literally RUN through the levels. So, you are running in place and trying to get coins. Then you stumble upon a bad guy (monster) and its time to battle. You get small break from running in place but then you have to do more “strength” type exercises.

To beat the monster, you have to do squats, knee tucks, some shoulder work, and Chair pose! If you aren’t feeling the burn now, I don’t know what to tell you! As you continue through each world and level up, you get more and more exercises. However, you can only use 5 at a time.

One cool thing is, before each level, it will give you suggestions on which exercises to have. So, if you need to have more core/ab exercises you will see a little yellow shield which means you should add more of those exercises into your 5. The choices are core/abs, upper body/arms, lower body, and yoga. The monsters become color coordinated with the exercises so it is easier to decide which attack to use.


Ring Fit Adventure - ring con and leg strap

This is how my first 3 days of Ring Fit Adventure went…

My first day of playing Ring Fit adventure, I played for an hour and made it to world 3! I did 116 squats and ran about 1.87 miles! Not too shabby. According to my FitBit Versa, I burned 340 calories! That’s a great workout!

My second day, I played for an hour and 25 minutes and beat world 3! I learned how to make smoothies and got some new exercises. Before starting, I increased my difficulty level because I thought the day before was pretty easy. And let me tell you, this day was more tough!

And on my third day, I ended up playing for 2 hours… It was much more difficult to beat the levels so I needed to make more smoothies (increases energy) and I helped the villagers with their requests. I also learned some new skills like paddle boarding! I was in world 4 and didn’t make it to the boss level yet, but I was very close!


This is a really fun game!

Ring Fit Adventure is a truly fun game. I didn’t know if I would like it. But I am so glad we decided to get it. Ring Fit Adventure has built up my stamina when it comes to running which is great! As I continue to play, I get new exercises which makes it fun and a different workout each day. Here is some game play of a monster battle on Ring Fit Adventure!



Ring Fit Adventure would be a great Christmas gift!

If you are looking for a great Christmas gift, check out Ring Fit Adventure by Nintendo. Not only will you be active, you will play a pretty fun game! Oh and the kids LOVE it. We didn’t let them directly play it but they were trying to run with me and do the squats when I was doing them. It was a cute way to get the whole family active and involved especially during the cold winter months!


So what do you think? Is Ring Fit Adventure you (or your family) would try?

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