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Valentine’s Dinner At Home

Valentine’s Dinner At Home

Valentine’s Dinner At Home

This Valentine’s Day, I thought I would make a delicious (and healthy) dinner for just Jacob and I. Since we are not going out for Valentine’s Day, I wanted this meal to be different from what we normally eat. This Valentine’s dinner at home is so yummy but still be healthy. But we will definitely have some wine and dessert, because its a holiday! (haha)



Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a special day for Jacob and I because on Feb. 14, 2013, Jacob proposed to me on a cruise! It was a very memorable moment, not only because it was the day we decided to spend the rest of our lives together but because Jacob was super sick. He was running a fever and didn’t want to get off the ship in Puerto Rico. (Who can blame him…)

Somehow, we convinced him to get off the ship and check out the rain forest. And while we were sitting in front of a beautiful waterfall, he asked me to marry him. I thought it was a joke, since he was so sick. But once I saw the ring, I knew he was serious! Back on the ship, they sang “Happy Engagement” to us and gave us a special cake. It was a pretty great day. Now, if only every Valentine’s Day could be that special.. I mean I would take just going on a cruise for Valentine’s day! haha


Making this Valentine’s Day a bit different than any other day

We are a meat and potatoes couple. However, Jacob would go for seafood ANY DAY of the week whereas I prefer my meat to be from land animals. So, I thought it would be very special if I made some seafood. I hardly EVER make seafood. Mostly because I am not a fan of the smell and if it tastes too fishy, I cannot eat it. Which is funny because I love sushi…

Anyway, I went to my favorite search engine, Pinterest. To find some healthy seafood dinner ideas that would be great for this special day. And this is what I put together for our Valentine’s dinner for two.




Valentine’s Day Dinner Menu:

Starter: Cucumber Caprese Salad (hold the pasta)

Entree: Parmesan Crusted Tilapia with baked sweet potato

Dessert: Dairy Free Strawberry Cheesecake Parfaits




Cucumber Caprese Salad

Ok, I will start with the starter. The Cucumber Caprese Salad was so good. I mean I would have never thought of putting cucumber into a Caprese salad but it works so well. Also, I bought balsamic vinegar instead of balsamic glaze (oops). I blame mom brain… haha! It tasted so good with the vinegar that I am not too mad at myself. haha

Valentine's Dinner for two starter Cucumber Caprese Salad


Parmesan Crusted Tilapia and Baked Potato

So you know how I feel about fish and I was a bit nervous BUT yum, this was so good! The tilapia didn’t even taste like fish. And I LOVED how the Parmesan crust reminded me of it being fried! YUM! I love fried foods but they are not always the best for you. Since this is baked, it makes it healthier! YES!

Anyway, this meal was SO easy to put together and that is one thing I really enjoyed about this! I LOVE sweet potatoes so a baked sweet potato ALWAYS works for me. I added a bit of coconut oil because, yum!

Valentine's Dinner for Two Parmesan crusted Tilapia and baked sweet potato


Dairy Free Strawberry Cheesecake Parfaits

YUM! Ok, I love cheesecake but dairy doesn’t always sit well with me, especially cheesecake. So, I was super excited to find a dairy free version that was SO easy to make. I love easy meals and desserts. Anyway, this is so yummy! You can taste the cashews but it really tastes so much like cheesecake! YUM! So rich and creamy.

Valentine's dinner for two dessert: dairy free cheesecake with strawberries


Delicious Dinner For Two

We loved this dinner so much! A yummy, healthy Valentine’s dinner at home which was so easy to make. And, us having fish made me think of the cruise we went on 6 years ago when we got engaged. It was a very romantic meal, reminiscing about that wonderful day! Such a great way to celebrate Valentine’s dinner at home!



How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day? Are you staying in or going out?

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