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Waka Coffee, Instant Coffee

Waka Coffee, Instant Coffee

I was given WAKA coffee to try for free. All of my comments and opinions are my own. This post contains an affiliate link with Amazon Associates. If you decide to purchase through my link it will not cost you more and I will be compensated.


How can this be? My blog is Fueled by COFFEE and fitness and yet I have no posts about coffee?! Oh man. We need to change that.

So I like coffee a lot. The smell is wonderful. I love the smooth taste. And the fact that it gives me some much needed energy is a BONUS! One thing that bothered me for a while was WAITING. I am not a very patient person, especially in the mornings. So what do I do? I either go buy coffee, which takes a long time with more waiting. Or I just brew it myself. But instant coffee, hmm… This sounds like something I can do, I mean yeah, I have to wait for the water to heat up but that’s not that bad!



Have you tried Instant Coffee?

You know, instant coffee gets a bad rap. Most of the kinds I have tasted have been super bitter or don’t dissolve all the way into the water. I know instant coffee is VERY convenient but when it doesn’t taste good, it is not always worth the convenience!

WAKA Coffee reached out to me to try their instant coffee. I won’t lie, I was hesitant. I mean almost every kind of instant coffee, I didn’t like. What would make this one different? Well, I decided to give it a go. They shipped the coffee out to me VERY quickly. And I was ready to try it.

First, I got my water in the the kettle and ready to heat up. I made sure I the water was to about 170 degrees F before adding the coffee grounds (I didn’t want that bitter taste). Once I poured my water into my mug, I added the WAKA coffee grounds. And WOW! The coffee started to dissolve INSTANTLY. I mean I almost didn’t need to stir it.

The taste was so smooth. Just as if I would have brewed it in my coffee maker. The smell was AMAZING! We added a bit of creamer (because creamer is just so good) and it did not take away from the amazing taste of WAKA Coffee!

I would definitely recommend this instant coffee. It is perfect for a rushed morning or when traveling. I know when I go to Florida in May, I will be bringing some of this with me! The packets are so small which makes it EXTRA travel friendly! You know I love to travel! haha


WAKA Coffee

Another great thing about WAKA Coffee is the fact that they give back. They donate a portion of their proceeds to the clean and safe water initiative. You can read more about how they give back here! I love to support companies that support others who are less fortunate. 



My Personalized Mug

Since we are talking about coffee. I just want to talk to you all about my fancy new coffee mug! Isn’t she a beauty! A friend of mine just opened up an Etsy shop and she custom made this gorgeous mug for me! I love how it isn’t vinyl so I do not have to worry about the lettering coming off. ALSO, it is microwave and dishwasher safe! The best part, you can order one of these mugs for yourself!! HOORAY! I also love to support small businesses! 




Have you tried Instant Coffee? What do you think of it? 

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