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New Year’s Goals

New Year’s Goals

Goals for 2019

2019 is here! I cannot believe how FAST 2018 flew by! 2018 was a great year for me when it came to my personal goals! I became a CPT and started this blog! YAY!! I also got close to getting into wheel pose, which was my main goal for last year! 

2019 is going to be a pretty fitness centered year goal-wise. I always have yearly goals for myself. I tend to have a “main” goal and then small goals off that main goal. The small goals just fuel me to maintain the main goal.

My fitness goals for 2019:

  • Do Yoga DAILY
  • Handstand
  • Continue to strengthen wheel pose
  • Increase Overall Flexibility
  • Gain more muscle in glutes


Doing Yoga Daily

So most of my goals go hand in hand which is nice for me. My main goal for this year is to do yoga everyday. Yoga has helped me so much just doing it 2-3 times a week, I can ONLY imagine how it will help doing it daily! I am so excited to see how my home yoga flows will change and how yoga at the gym will be different as well!

tree pose



Along with yoga daily, I would love to get a handstand. I have never had enough upper body strength to do a handstand. But I really want to do able to do one. I have found some ways to help me get a handstand (Thanks Pinterest). One of which is walking up a wall. 



Continue to Strengthen Wheel Pose

Another yoga centered goal would be to strengthen my wheel pose (back bend). I ended 2018 VERY close to a back bend, as you can see below. And I want to continue to strengthen that. Eventually, I would love to do a back handspring, but that takes time and patience. 

Wheel Pose



Increase Overall Flexibility

The final yoga centered goal would be increase flexibility! Over the past year, I have been becoming more flexible. I have been able to hold poses longer and get deeper into the poses! Standing split is a good one for me as I also want to get my splits. I have never been a flexible person so this is an important goal for me.



Gain More Muscle in my Glutes

And another goal I have is to gain muscle in my glutes. I have been working my glutes for a while now. When I first lost 30 lbs, I lost a lot from my booty. I want a shapely booty and that takes work! So I will continue my leg and booty days and eat, eat, eat to gain that muscle! 🙂

Grow those glutes!




Other goals for 2019:

  • Read and finish a new book each month
  • Continue to work hard on my blog
  • Continue to budget 
  • More date nights with Jacob


Read and finish a new book each month

As you can see, I have some goals that are not fitness related. Since becoming a stay at home mom, I am always looking for ways to keep my mind sharp. For me, that is a lot of reading. Not only does it keep me on my toes, it helps me explore my own imagination! So if you have any good books that you have read lately, feel free to leave me some recommendations!


Continue to work hard on my blog

This blog has been so fun over the past 7 months. I love coming up with content and sharing fun workouts with you. January will be a lot of goal or resolution based posts. So some beginner workouts and some food ideas for those trying out new diets! I have some great posts already planned for this year that I cannot wait to share with you!


Continue to budget

Budgeting has been a huge part of our lives since I became a stay at home mom and Jacob is the only one earning income. So with this year, we are going to continue with the budget so we can do the fun things we love to do like travel!


More date nights with Jacob!

Date nights are so important to me and my husband, however we aren’t able to go on as many as we would like. So this year, I want to try to go on a date night with him at least once a month. He would love to do a date night weekly, but we shall see how that goes… haha




Do you have any fitness centered goals/resolutions for 2019? Is there anything I can do to help you reach them?  

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