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Healthy Holiday Party Food Ideas

Healthy Holiday Party Food Ideas

Looking for some last minute healthy holiday party food ideas?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! 

Christmas is almost here! YAY! How many of you have a Christmas party or 2 or more to go to? How many of you are throwing a Christmas or other holiday party? Well, if you are throwing a Christmas (holiday) party and only want to serves appetizers/desserts/drinks, you definitely came to the right place! I am sharing my favorite healthy Holiday party foods to get you through this holiday party season!

One thing I love about a Holiday party is there tends to be A LOT of choices for food! Some parties may serve a full dinner, while others may just have appetizers. I like appetizers because I get to pick and choose what I want to eat and how much! You know me, all about portion sizes!

So here is a list of my Favorites! I have separated them in sections. If you are looking for just some great healthy appetizers, desserts, or drinks! All of these options are healthy and great for your Holiday party! AND most of all, they all taste great!!!




Cheddar Sweet Potato Hashbrown Fritters By Fit Foodie Finds

Oh my goodness. So, you may already know that I LOVE sweet potatoes. I normally don’t do too many savory sweet potato side dishes or entrees. Although, I have had a few. BUT THIS ONE. O M G! Fit Foodie Finds, you killed it with this side dish! It is so so so so so good! I am not really a fan of red onions but DANG, it worked out SO well. This is so good, I cannot wait to share it with my family on Christmas Eve!

Sweet potato fritters


Sausage Ball Puffs by Kasey Trenum

I’m not going to lie, these are a Keto dream! So low carb!! These would be absolutely perfect for a brunch and for a holiday party!! I will be honest, at first it tasted a bit like breakfast, I mean, breakfast sausage, cheese, and eggs will do that but it is so good! I did not want to stop eating them!! Not a bad holiday party appetizer!

Sausage puffs


Eggplant Parm Bites by Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

I LOVE Eggplant Parmesan. I would eat it everyday if I could!! Because it is so good! Well, this is a fun and easy way to serve Eggplant Parmesan to your guests at your holiday party!! I love this for a fun and yummy appetizer! So easy to eat and so easy to serve!

Eggplant Parm Bites


Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus Cream Cheese By Low Carb Yum

I think I want to eat these EVERYDAY. This is DEFINITELY an appetizer you need to share at your holiday party. Salty, creamy, asparagus-y (is that a word?) SO delicious! And super easy to make. I mean who can be mad about a recipe with 3 (yes, 3) ingredients!! Not me!! YUMMY!!

Proscuitto Wrapped Asparagus




Shortbread Almond Cookies by Fit Foodie Finds

These cookies are SOOOO easy to make and so delicious! I mean mix together 5 ingredients, roll them into a roll, let them set for 15 minutes and bake! Easy enough for anyone to make! I decided to drizzle white chocolate on top! YUM!!

Almond Shortbread cookies


Peppermint Cheesecake Bars by The Low Carb Diet

I love cheesecake. I love the creaminess of it! Well, peppermint cheesecake bars are the perfect low carb addition to your holiday party! I love an easy no bake dessert and this is just that! And tastes so good, you definitely do not miss the crust!

Peppermint cheesecake bars


Keto Pecan Pralines found on Instagram

I’ve had Pecan Pralines before and I saw this Keto version on Instagram. So I definitely needed to share it. Another easy dessert that only has a few ingredients! And they turned out SO well! YUM!! Perfectly sweet and low carb! Mine turned into a bit of a bark but I do not mind that!!

Keto Pecan Pralines




Cedarburg Spice Wine from Cedar Creek Winery

Who hears likes a “mulled wine” or a spiced red wine BUT doesn’t like the work? ME!! There is a winery in a small town here in Wisconsin, that has an AMAZING red spiced wine! It is PERFECT for the holidays. I like to stock up so I am Christmas ready with their Cedarburg Spice wine! I mean, I cannot pass up a good red wine! This wine would also make an excellent host(ess) gift!! We like to warm it up a bit and all the spices are perfect for a cold winter night OR a holiday party!

Cedarburg Spice Wine


Candy Cane Cocktail by Organized Island

So, I am not a HUGE peppermint fan. BUT this drink is really good! Perfect for the holiday season! I like this for a holiday party because of the peppermint and it is so easy to make in big batches!

Candy Cane Cocktail


Cranberry Champagne Sparklers by Swerve Sweet

This recipe had me at sparklers. What girl doesn’t love sparkles?? I love champagne but I am always looking for different ways to drink it for special occasions. This is so easy and so delicious! The cranberry makes it a great holiday party drink! And if you want to make it nonalcoholic, just have the cranberry juice and sparkling white grape juice!

Cranberry Champagne Sparkler





So do you prefer to have a full meal at your Holiday party or just appetizers? And which of these healthy holiday party food ideas are you wanting to try??

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