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Christmas Gifts For The Fitness Beginner

Christmas Gifts For The Fitness Beginner

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Do you have someone in your life who recently got into fitness? Are you not sure what to get them? Here is a great list of 8 items anyone who is into Fitness would love! Christmas is the best time to surprise your fitness lover with some new gear!


Christmas Gifts for a Fitness Beginner

  • Shoes
  • Headphones
  • Clothing (Old Navy or Amazon)
  • Fitbit or other fitness tracker
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Blender bottle
  • Fitness journal
  • Gym membership or at home workouts (BOD)



Work out shoes are very important to any fitness enthusiast: fitness beginner to advanced! They will need running shoes if they are runners. Or training shoes if they go to the gym and workout. Here are a few of my favorite shoes that I personally love! For running, I like these Adidas Running shoes! For days where I am training at the gym I like these Nike trainers and Adidas trainers!



Have you ever gone to the gym without your headphones? I have done that. It is not fun! So headphones are a must for a fitness beginner! You can have your own music to get you pumped up for your workout! These wireless earbuds are great! If you want over the ear headphones, I really like these Skull Candy ones!


Workout clothes

This is one of my favorite things about working out. The leggings are AMAZING. The tanks are so fun! And the bras are so cute! I LIVE in my workout clothes. Sometimes after the gym, I change into a different outfit of leggings and a cute bra and tank… HAHA! I get most of my leggings from Old Navy, they have great prices and moisture wicking which is important if you are sweaty like me. My bras are from Victoria Secret because they fit me the best! The Angel Max is my absolute favorite!! And I get tanks from everywhere, Old Navy has fun ones. Amazon has some great ones. Everyone loves a cute workout tank!



A Fitbit or other fitness tracker is great for tracking steps or for any other workout! So for a fitness beginner, this is a great starting tool. I got my first Fitbit when I started in fitness because I wanted to know how many calories I was burning in every workout I was doing. There are multiple types of Fitbits, I like the ones with the screens so I can keep up to date by looking at my watch.

I have a Samsung Gear Fit2 right now and I love it. It connects to my phone so I get notifications from my phone. I can track my workouts. It counts my steps. I can also update MyFitnessPal from my watch! It also tracks my sleep which is an added bonus! My whole family (well most of them) have the Apple Watch and they love it.


Reusable Water Bottle

I love my Hydro cell reusable water bottle! I take it everywhere. It holds 40 oz of water and everything stay SO cold for a very long time! I like the fact that it has 2 different lids. One with a straw and one as wide mouth. A reusable water bottle is great to help you stay hydrated! There are also some water bottles with motivational quotes on them to keep you motivated to keep drinking your water!


Blender Bottle

Do you like protein shakes? Do you mix them yourself? Well, you definitely need a blender bottle for a fast way to shake up a protein shake! I have so many blender bottles! I love them! Haha! They have so many colors and styles! They are great for a fitness beginner because they are easy to use and can be used for a lot of different things!


Fitness Journal

I saw this FitBook and thought that this would be perfect for a fitness beginner! You can track your workouts and what you’ve eaten and drank for the day. The Fitbook can also help you focus on your goals by writing them out! This is great to keep your fitness beginner on on the right track!


Gym Membership

A gym membership would be a great gift, if this fitness beginner wants to belong to a gym! If you are a member at a gym, you may be able to get them a trial and see how they like it! Some gyms will give out a free week trial and that would be a fun little thing to add into the gift for the fitness beginner. That way you can workout together!

Another great idea would be an at home gym membership! My blog has a ton a GREAT workouts! If you want more workouts, Beachbody On Demand would be perfect! They would have access to all of the Beachbody programs and they could see which ones work for them! My favorites are T25, P90X3, and PiYo!




Which of these Christmas gifts would you love to give OR get?

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