Finding Time for Fitness in a Busy Life

Staying Fit During The Holidays

Staying Fit During The Holidays

How to Stay Fit during the Holidays

Staying fit during the holidays can be tough for some. I mean, the holidays are a time of indulgence. The foods are high in sugar but full of love. I am so thankful that I live in a country where we celebrate so many holidays that are surrounded with families and friends. But being with family and friends can mean food, and drinks and a lot of the time the food isn’t the healthiest.

There are several things anyone can do to stay fit over the holidays. I like to think of the holidays as just another day or week. Yes, I know there is great food and lots of family. But there are certain things I make sure to do in order to not lose everything I have worked so hard for this year.


How to STAY fit during the Holidays:

  • Workout
  • Splurge in moderation
  • Meal prep
  • Bring a dish


Yes, working out. I am all about staying with your routine NO MATTER where you are. I work out while on vacation on a cruise. I work out in hotel rooms. I work out at home. I work out at the gym. I even work out at the airport! No matter where I am, I make sure I get my workout in. My main fitness goal is to stay fit and healthy for my family. Not only do I want to be a good role model for my kids, I want to look good for myself.

After I had Jackson, I didn’t like the way I looked. Before I had the kids, I was thin and had a toned tummy and could eat whatever I wanted. But since having kids, I need to workout AND watch what I eat to have that toned tummy and not that Mommy pooch! I am OK with that. Working out is part of my daily routine and I love it. If you make time for things you love, good things can happen!


Splurge in Moderation

Its OK to splurge. I mean, it is the holidays! You are with family and friends. They did make that dessert you love, so eat it and enjoy it! Just do so in moderation. You don’t need to eat the WHOLE pan of Sweet potato (or pumpkin or apple) pie. But having a slice isn’t going to mess you up.

I LOVE sweets. I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth which can be a bad thing. I love dessert and I am ALWAYS on the hunt for healthier dessert options — like swapping Halo Top for regular ice cream, making a crustless pie, or drinking a protein shake. It all depends on my macros and how my day ends, but I make it work. I do love my dad’s sweet potato pie (he makes these pies for Thanksgiving!) and it is VERY high in sugar. I just make a bit of space in my macros to have it! For me that would be eating lower carbs throughout the day to make up for it.


Meal Prep

Meal prepping can keep you on track. Not only will it help with portion sizes, but you control what you are eating. When I was working, the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas had a lot of FOOD DAYS. Meaning, there would be days where everyone brought in a dish to pass or the company sponsored lunch.

Food days are hard because there can be a lot of desserts and a lot of unhealthy quick to make foods. I’m not going to lie, I loved food days but the last year that I worked I was pregnant with Jackson so… yeah. Anyway, if you find the healthiest things to eat, like veggies, fruits, and meats without a ton of sauce (sauces can a lot of added sugars) then you could do pretty well.


Bring Alternative Healthier Options

Does your family all bring a dish to pass for the holidays? I always ask if I can bring something, that way the dish I bring, I know is healthy. I also try to bring a dessert because for me, dessert is the best part. So I try to make it low carb. Looking for some low carb pie options? Check out my Healthy Traditional Thanksgiving recipes for 3 GREAT options!

If you don’t bring a dish, try to look for things that may be healthy. For example, turkey breast would have less fat than the thigh. Look for a salad without a ton of dressing. Or you could just have a smaller portion. You don’t need to completely FILL your plate to enjoy the holidays. You can just take smaller portions of your favorite foods! I am ALL about portion sizes.


Staying Fit During the Holidays

It can be easy to stay fit during the holidays. If you believe in yourself, have some will power, but still have fun and indulge a bit, you can keep up with your goals. Make time to exercise AND have that slice of pie. Bring your lunches to work that are already portioned out. Ask if you can bring a (healthy) dish to the holiday parties! Follow these easy tips and enjoy the holiday season!




What do you do to stay fit and healthy during the holiday season?

67 thoughts on “Staying Fit During The Holidays”

  • It is so important to stay fit and healthy during this holiday season. This give me a great reminder to go on my workout everyday!

  • Moderation is the key here.. I don’t fill my plate to over flowing–I take a small piece of dessert and attempt to stay away from all the little extras strewn around the living rooms of my well meaning family and friends!

  • I always travel during the holidays so I don’t change my eating patterns. However, I do know a lot of people who would eat a lot just because it’s holiday. Your tips are great and they would make a difference if followed.

  • I hate gaining holidays weight. Therefore try to eat everything in moderation. I really liked the idea of bringing a healthy dish!

  • I am not a fitness enthusiast but I always wanted to be fit not only in Holidays. This is a motivation. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Holidays are coming and as usual we are tend to eat a lot of food during those days and for us to burn and get rid of those fats and calories that we collect from that season we need to do a workout to make rid of those out on our bodies. I will also share your tips with my friends and relatives.

  • It’s so hard to stay fit during the holiday season! I love to indulge on Thanksgiving and Christmas but I control my portions. I usually eat half a cookie instead of a whole one and don’t go back for seconds. Working out after splurging is so important! I enjoyed reading your post.

  • Meal prep is a great solution! That way you can ensure you’ll get some healthy meals to balance out the not-so-healthy ones!

  • In my family it wasn’t just trying to eat in moderation on the actual holidays but also the leftovers and all the feasting between Christmas and 2 Jan. Thankfully since I live abroad I seldom have that issue with overindulging on holiday food 🙂

  • So much going on during the holidays, it’s easy to get out of the routine. These are some good suggestions to help stay on track … or at least get back on the train if you end up off schedule.

  • That’s going to be a challenge for me because the holiday is the busiest time in the work place and don’t catch a good brake until first week of January. For that preparing and eat the right food is a most.

  • Love this. It’s funny when people say they gained weight over the holidays when Thanksgiving and Christmas are only two days 🙂 All in moderation!

  • I’ve been spending too much time working on my blog lately and this post reminds me to take care of my health especially when the holidays is just around the corner. Thanks for sharing Amanda!

  • But, but can’t I just over-splurge 😂! JK, love all these tips, just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean that our health is on vacation 😂. It is definitely easy to pack on extra baggage because well, everything is just so soul foodish!

  • Some great tips! The holidays don’t mean all your good work has to go out the window, and you can still enjoy – in moderation! No one likes the feeling of overeating anyway, right!? Thanks for the inspiration!

  • I like the idea of bringing alternative healthy meals to a family holiday dinner. It’s a great way not only to keep fitter but also to educate others about eating healthier.

  • Staying fit during the Holidays has always been hard for me, but there are som amazing tips on how to do it successfully! I am really focused on being at least half decent this year lol

  • Thanks for the tips, Amanda! Staying healthy during the holiday is challenging. I will take action on some of these ideas!

  • staying fit can def be a challenge at times esp with the all the cold weather but it always helps to bring a buddy or friend along with to keep me accountable!

  • I just had to take my own food to my family’s holiday party. I knew going in they wouldn’t have much for me to eat so I just carried my food in with me. No-one batted and eye and I had something to eat. It was a win win!

  • I think the only way I will be able to succeed is if I meal prep because I do get lazy when it comes to meal times, so I will give that a go.

  • This is so must read! It’s so hard to stay fit during holidays especially with so many delicious food and dessert! For me I tried to do run and yoga once or twice a week.

  • So many great tips! The holidays are such a difficult time to stay fit and try to eat healthy! I give myself “cheat” days every once in a while but I definitely can’t do a cheat week or month lol. I’m definitely going to try to do as many of these things as I can!

  • I like your tips for staying healthy during the holidays. Splurging in moderation and planning ahead are some good ones. I also like the encouragement to keep on working out during the season.

  • Staying fit during holidays is very important. A lot of Pageant and promgirls that visit PromGuide try to stay fit during this time because right after the holidays begins prom and pageant season. They want to look great in their prom and pageant dresses.

  • The biggest challenge for me always has been the winter and cold weather. I’ve ALWAYS hated the cold, and the whole winter season is a pain to me. Having to dress in so many layers, everything getting wet and dirty from the snow, bad driving or walking conditions to get places. I would do great all spring, summer, and fall with my workouts and exercise, but come winter and I just wanted to hibernate! Any tips for getting through the frigid winter and still staying active?

    • Do you workout at home? Or do you like to run outside? I do half of my weekly workouts at home and the other half at the gym.

  • I am very guilty of letting myself go a little during gone holidays. With crazy schedules and more social events, it’s so easy to default to less than healthier choices. You made some realistic suggestion here that I will definitely keep in mind this silly season

  • Staying fit during the holidays is important and is a big responsibility. During the holidays you get so many temptations thus during this time self-discipline is a must. Love the tips you’ve shared.

  • Oh god! Seriously I am feeling guilty I already gained weight and I need to workout very hard to get back in shape and yes ofcouse your tips will help me out in loosing those extra kilos. Thanks Amanda for the useful tips

  • Splurging in moderation is a great idea. Enjoying every moment during the holidays is very important. One thing I do is have more healthy snacks available than those full of calories and have meals ready or at least planned in advance reduces the age to snack regularly.

  • I am going to splurge this Saturday but it’s not like all you can eat, but a big plate of Thanksgiving dinner. I am lucky that the kids have sports day next week so I can practice with the kids more!

  • Such good tips here. It’s so hard for me to stay fit during this time of year! I tell myself going into an event that I’ll be good and not over eat. Haha nope…

  • Your right about MEAL PREP. When ever we take the time to prep and plan our meals portion are considered. The meals are healthier and more colourful.

  • Staying fit during the holidays is so so so important!! I recently (as is last week…lol) started the Couch 2 5K program so I know it would get me through Christmas and I have something that I HAVE to do each week.

  • Splurge moderately. I like that. It should be that way, whether it’s the holidays or not. 😀 Thanks for the reminders. I am off somewhere tomorrow and I just might pig out again haha

  • It can be so hard to remember to keep fit especially during the holidays like right now. But I’ll agree on eating healthier foods. We love cooking and eating together as a family during such times.

  • I like the idea of working out at wherever we may be. I usually conduct and speak in trainings related to procurement and other service related topics. We usually allow a few minutes of the discussion to some physical exercise such as dancing Zumba. That’s the best I can do so far. But since it is a holiday and people love to party I think I need to implement one of your suggestions that is to bring alternative healthier option. Thank you for sharing such a timely and helpful article.

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