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Dealing With Injury

Dealing With Injury

Dealing with Injuries

In the past 2.5 years of my fitness journey, I have not had an injury! Wow! I work really hard on good form. And it makes a huge difference. However, at the beginning of the September, my daughter brought home a cold from school. Hooray for new school years. Well, Marley and Jackson were only sick for a few days and Jacob didn’t get sick. But me… I was continuously sick for 2 weeks straight!

I was even sick with this chest cold during our cruise. It was horrible. I was coughing like CRAZY! I mean I was coughing so hard it started to hurt. My muscles outside of my ribcage on my right side under my boob, hurt SO bad. Well I am pretty sure I pulled the muscle while coughing and then I went to the gym on the ship and tried a new machine (torso rotation which works that EXACT muscle). I mean I was so excited because it was a machine that I have never seen before but sadly, that may have made it worse. The muscle I believe I pulled is the external oblique but it may also be the rectus abdominis. It is in such a weird place that it is hard to tell completely… Yay..



Thank you for this picture LifeInHarmony!  This shows the muscles of the core and I pulled basically in between the Rectus Abdominis and the External Oblique.


So I have an Injury…

What do I do now? I believe I just pulled the muscle. I don’t think it is a tear or anything too severe but Man Oh Man, it hurts so badly! It hurts pretty much doing everything. I mean my stomach/chest muscles are used to do a lot of things: like getting out of bed, reaching for something, putting clothes on, SITTING! Yes, even sitting hurt, well if I was sitting with bad posture. And let me tell you, wearing a bra hurts too! I just can’t catch a break. Haha!

But one thing that has been horrible: working out! As you all know, I love working out. It is one of the best parts of my day. It fuels me, well fitness and coffee! So getting injured really stinks when you enjoy working out as much as I do. I have been able to work around my injury by working legs, which I love to work! But I do need to give my legs a break.

I was talking to a PT at the gym and he suggested some great core strengthening exercises that I can do well healing this injury. He suggests plank hold, plank hold with Bosu, side plank, table top with arm extension and bridge (my fave!!). Getting into these positions is hard but once I am in the hold, my injury does not hurt. Which is great. I mean I don’t want this injury to make me lose my 6 pack!! Haha. But most importantly he told me I need to stop with rotational and crunching moves. Hard for me to hear but I definitely understand.


How To Deal With Injuries

  • Take it easy
  • Continue to workout, just avoid the muscle or area of the injury
  • Don’t be discouraged that you aren’t doing your best
  • Stay positive
    • You will heal!
    • It just may take time!


But it did take a while…

When I thought I was feeling better about a week after I first felt the pull, I was taking a class and man, I was not doing better. I did every exercise to the best of my ability but it kind of sucked because I KNOW I could be better if I wasn’t injured. Since I have been doing this a while, I have this fitness first mindset that I know I need to change. What I needed to do was focus on healing and not focus so much on doing every exercise like I used to. This realization was hard for me. I have never dealt with this. Honestly, I felt a bit lost. But I am so happy to have friends in the fitness field who have been there and know how to help!

So, I took the PT’s advice. I worked on planks (including side plank), table top with arm extended, and bridges DAILY. I started by holding every exercise for 30 seconds with a small break and then doing it again. Then I went to 1 minute. And then 1 minute and 30 seconds… Basically, my goal was to hold a plank for an hour.. HAHA Just kidding. But I definitely wanted to continue to work my core as my injury healed.

And I’m happy to say I did begin to really feel better. Within a week of starting to do this core exercises daily, I was able to lay back slowly without much pain! And it didn’t hurt to get up from laying down. It didn’t hurt to reach above my head! And it made me so happy!! The end was near and maybe I’ll be better than I was before!?

These exercises that the PT suggested I do really worked for me. So I decided to share them with you all in a 30 day challenge!  My 30 Day Strong Core Challenge is LIVE!! You will do these 4 exercises daily and you should feel stronger in your core. These past 30 days helped me heal my injury and also strengthen my core!


What now?

Well, its been over a month and I feel better. I am not 100% but I am getting back my mobility and strength every day which is great! I honestly thought I would be 100% by now but I am happy to see the light at the end of the injury tunnel!

My advice for you, take it easy and . Try your hardest to take a step back and let your injury heal. I was happy I was still able to work legs and some upper body moves so I didn’t feel like I wasn’t working out at all. But definitely take it at your own pace. Ice or heat when needed. (I found heat helped a lot!!)

If you can still work around the injury, I would encourage it. For example, I was able to still work my core without irritating my pulled muscle. I was able to continue to workout and that was my main goal. I did have A LOT of leg days! Which is definitely fine by me!! haha!! Don’t be discouraged that you aren’t at your full potential.  You may not be able to do every exercise like you used to but don’t give up hope. A pulled muscle takes a while to heal but it will heal!





This post is based off what I did with an injury that I obtained but is not medical advice. Please reach out to your doctor for medical advice.

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