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At Home Toned Legs Workout

At Home Toned Legs Workout

Toned Legs

Who doesn’t want toned legs? I know I DO!! We all know how much I LOVE leg day! I love leg day because I want a nice firm, round booty (goals!) and I also want lean, toned legs! Leg day is also great because the leg muscles are the biggest in the body meaning activating them will burn the most calories! Hooray for calorie burn!

Well I wanted to change up this leg day workout because I was looking another way to get toned legs! And these complex moves are perfect for a leg burn and that booty burn!! This workout will work ALL the muscles in your quads, hamstrings, and glutes! Wooo!! Ok, so I am totally excited for this. It took me a while to perfect this workout. I mean leg day HAS to be good, right??

Legs AND balance!!

So I LOVE with how this turned out. I did this and my legs burned for DAYS! Yes!! I love a good after burn. You will too! So I set this workout up a bit different than normal. It will be less reps but more sets. If you want to add weights, you definitely can! Or you can add resistance bands for added resistance! I tried it with both (separately) and they both add a great burn!!

You will do 7 reps of each exercise (yes, only 7) but you will be doing 4 sets of the exercises. This workout will take you 20 minutes! Quick and powerful! And you may need some help sitting afterward… hahaha! If you have more time for your workout, you can definitely add more sets OR add a great lower ab finisher! Don’t forget to warm up and cool down those legs, they will need it!!


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Step by Step Instructions:

Squat hold to curtsy lunge to narrow lunge

  • First, with your feet touching, squat down low
  • Next, cross your left leg behind your right into a curtsy lunge
  • Then, bring your left leg back behind you into a narrow lunge
  • Make sure in between each move you are staying low in your right leg, try not to stand up.
  • After doing 7 reps of the sequence, switch to the other side

Side lunge to knee lift to reverse lunge

  • First, start with your legs together
  • Next, lunge your left leg out to the left
  • Pushing through your heels, raise back up and bring your knee up
  • Then bring your left leg behind you into a reverse lunge
  • Pushing through your heel, raise back up and bring your knee up
  • Repeat the sequence for 7 reps before switching to the other side

Single leg RDL to knee lift to single leg squat

  • Start with your legs next to each other
  • Next, slowly raise your left leg up behind you while hinging at you hips
  • Then, slowly raise back up without touching the ground and lift your knee up to your chest
  • Next, keeping your left leg up, squat down into a single leg squat
  • Then pushing through your right heel, raise back up, lifting your left knee towards your chest
  • Repeat the sequence 7 times before switching to the other side

Fire hydrant to side kick

  • First, start out on your hands and knees
  • Then, raise your left knee up to the left, keeping your foot level with your knee
  • Next, kick your left foot out to the side
  • Then bring your left foot back to even to your left knee
  • And then lower it back down to hover over the ground
  • After doing 7 reps of this sequence, move to the other side

Donkey kick and lift

  • First, start on your hands and knees
  • Then, kick your left leg out behind you
  • Squeezing your glutes, lift you left leg higher
  • Next, bring your left knee back down, try to keep your back flat
  • Repeat this sequence 7 times before switching to the other side

Single leg bridge abduction adduction leg lower

  • Start laying on your back with your knees bent and feet about 6 inches from your booty
  • Next raise your left leg up and try to keep your hips even
  • Then bring your left leg out to the left, making sure your hips stay up
  • Next, bring your left leg back to the starting point
  • While your hips are still high, lower your left leg down to hover over the ground
  • Lower your hips down if needed before repeating this sequence 7 times before moving to the other side


What is your favorite body part to work? Or do you just love a good total body workout?

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