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Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes

I thought I would change it up a bit and post a fun “Behind the scenes” post! Ever wonder what how I get my workout posts (or any of my blog posts) published? Well, here is a behind the scenes look at my latest workout, Total Body HIIT workout! I will warn you, there may be some super goofy pictures below but you will love them!!


Getting Started

This behind the scenes post will show you how I get started with every new blog post. So, first when I am trying to think of my next blog post, I do some research on Pinterest (of course). I look and see what people are searching for and then I narrow it down. For HIIT workouts, people want to be able to do the workout at home and they want to burn fat! We also want it to be quick and fun! So I decided to change up the “typical” HIIT workout and add a ladder! Woo! Fun! Ladders are great because you do not need to worry about a timer. You just add more reps each set and then you can decrease reps after hitting the top number.

Time to Type

After I figure out what I want to write about, I type out the post. I like to write it out in Google Docs first so I can edit it and have it save automatically as I continue to write. Writing it directly in WordPress, I have to save it manually so I don’t lose what I typed. Sometimes when I know exactly what I want to say and I can type it out pretty fast. I still have to go back and edit after reading it over but its nice to get on a roll about a post.

Other times, I have the title written for a while and have no idea what to say about it before I post the workout. But for the HIIT workout, I knew exactly what I wanted to say. So I wrote it out pretty fast on a Monday morning while Marley was in school and Jackson was playing.

Making Sure the Workout… Works

Next, I try the workout. I have to make sure it works in the amount of time I have set AND that it is a good workout. I wouldn’t want to post a workout that I haven’t tried because then how would I know it works? If it doesn’t get me sweaty and my heart racing, I change it up a bit. Fun fact, while coming up with my Burpee workout, I started with 8 different burpees. I tried it and thought I was going to pass out (haha) so I decided to take out 2 burpees and save those for a later day! I also tried out that workout before my son’s birthday party and man oh man, was I wiped trying to get everything together after that workout! Haha! Who knew you could have that great of a workout in 13 minutes!?

The Fun Part: Shooting The Workout

Then after I love the workout, I shoot it. Taking pictures for a workout takes longer than one would think. Jacob sets up the camera. I have to pick out the perfect outfit… And we have to make sure the kids are occupied. Well, sometimes that doesn’t happen. There are plenty of pictures of a kid walking through the frame or just standing in the corner of the frame. Some of these pictures are great for social media so I keep them.

Then Jacob needs to make sure the framing is right and that the lighting is good. I have to stand in the same spot for a while. (If you’ve gotten your picture taken, you know its a long process!) Once I can actually begin the workout, it is a lot of hold this position or keep doing jump squats until I say. haha!! But we have to get the best picture possible and I am fine with that. The kids on the other hand, they normally don’t stay occupied for the whole shoot. And another behind the scenes note: some days I shoot more than one workout at a time! Yeah, the kids don’t really like that. HAHAHA!!! We shoot these workouts after a normal yoga session on a weekend morning. Weekends are great for us because Jacob isn’t working and the kids aren’t too crazy!

Looking at a LOT of Pictures and Editing

Then the editing happens! I have to go through all of the pictures taken and find the best ones to put together for the big Pinable picture. Sometimes, Jacob captures a funny face or I look annoyed (my resting workout face). Those are also fun to post on social media. When it comes to social media, I like to post fun pictures that show the real me. I don’t change the background colors or any editing like that, I basically just crop the picture to fit more pictures on one big image. I would not be good at changing the lighting or the background in a picture. Haha! I’ll save those kinds of edits for Jacob!

The Final Product

After editing, I finalize my post. I read through what I’ve typed and make sure the pictures look the way I want. And I make sure everything sounds the way I like before I post. The day before I make sure everything looks good. I tend to publish my posts in the morning when I can be active on social media to promote the post. I like to publish the post then head over to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Goggle+ to market the new post. And then, I send out the email for my subscribers and I pin my post on Pinterest. Sometimes I have the IG picture really to share right away and other times I have to go back through pictures to find the “perfect” one!



Blogging is so much fun and it does take a lot of work. But I am so happy to have this blog! This was a look behind the scenes on how I get ready to publish a new blog post! The pictures are from my Total Body HIIT workout! What did you learn about blogging that you didn’t know before this brief behind the scenes look?

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