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Vacation And Stay on Track

Vacation And Stay on Track

Our Favorite Kind of Vacation!

When it comes to vacation, my family and I love to cruise! We go on family cruises so we can spend a week together uninterrupted! And the best part, ALL the food. Ok… There is more to cruising than just the food, but hey, I love food! In this post, I want to give you some tips on how to stay focused on your fitness goals while on vacation.

So, basically this post will be how to stay healthy and keep with your fitness goals while cruising (or vacationing). This was my second cruise while I have been on this fitness journey. So, the second time’s a charm, right?? This time I was MORE focused but I was pretty focused the first time. I had done a lot of hard work before the cruise that I did not want to lose just because I was going on vacation for a week! And great news, I followed these tips and DID NOT gain any weight on this cruise!! WOOHOO!! If I can do it, so can you!


Staying Focused on Goals While Enjoying your Vacation


Not overindulging

Ok, so the hardest part of cruise is trying NOT to overindulge. I mean, food is everywhere. The drinks are amazing. 24 hour room service. The Lido deck (deck 10) always has food out! Oh and I hear the chocolate melting cake is to die for (I have never had it… due to my chocolate allergy). All of these things make it so hard to not go crazy and eat everything!

Well, I am all about portion sizes and moderation. Don’t get me wrong, I ate the desserts and enjoyed some wine but I made sure if I felt full, I would stop eating. It is not easy to portion a meal when on a cruise. When I am at home, I use my food scale to make sure my macros are right. Well, I didn’t want to travel with my food scale… (that would be kind of crazy). So I just made sure that I did make healthier choices for meals. For example, instead of having the cereal topped french toast, I had eggs and a small pastry for breakfast. But there were times when I could not stop eating those tiny peanut butter cookies… because they were so good!! Thankfully, Jackson decided to eat some of them too so I didn’t eat them ALL…




Another thing that I made sure to do: exercise! Not only does the cruise ship have a wonderful workout room, but if weights aren’t your thing, they have a running track on deck 12! How great is that. I am not a runner (and am afraid of heights) so I definitely did not go up there. But I made use of the gym!! On my last cruise a year ago, we were on deck 1 and I took the stairs all the way up to deck 12 to get to the gym and I also took it down when I was finished. Ahhh! But I am so glad I did! This year, we were on deck 8 so I only had to go up 4 flights.. Although, Jacob did state, I could go down to deck 1 and then up to deck 12… haha

OK, if working out with a bunch of sweaty people using the same machines or running are not your things, you CAN still workout! How? In your room! Check out my hotel room workout (coming soon!!) for how you can get a workout in ANYWHERE! Yeah, we took those pictures in the room! 🙂 You don’t have to workout for hours to get a good workout! I like to workout while Jacob and the kids are still sleeping or relaxing in the morning. And those workouts are only 30-45 minutes.



Taking the stairs

My next tip: taking the stairs as much as possible. Stairs are super convenient because they are everywhere. And it seems like elevators are ALWAYS crowded. There are a ton of people waiting for elevators. So, you have to wait for the elevator to come back up or down to your deck and that may take a long time. Not only does it save time, it is better for you to take the stairs.

Now, if you have little kids like I do, taking the stairs may not be as easy as if its just you and your significant other. But why not try it! My kids love taking the stairs… It just takes a bit longer than it would if I took them by myself. 🙂 We would count down how many more flights we had to go, and they would read the deck numbers as we went. (Healthy and educational! ;)) 




One of the best part of cruising (besides the food) is the relaxing! I mean how great is it that this huge floating hotel takes you from island to island?! Amazing! I made sure to relax a lot! They have an adults only portion of deck 11. So we brought the kids to Camp Carnival so they could play with other kids their age and Jacob and I went to relax! You can read a book while laying out or sit in a hot tub and socialize with other adults (what??). It is wonderful!

Hopping island to island is so fun for me. I like getting a taste of the cultures of the islands but still having the safety net of the cruise ship. One of my favorite islands is St Thomas! It has this beautiful shopping area right off the ship. There is also Megan’s Bay which is a beautiful beach! And you can tour the island. We opted to walk around the shops. The kids loved to pick out souvenirs and Jacob and I got to sample some rum! What more could you ask for?


Eating off the ship

I don’t have many tips for eating off the ship. Personally, I would just be careful what you get. Honestly, I only ate off the ship one time and it was a wrap with french fries that we all shared (on last year’s cruise). It was good but I prefer eating the food that is already paid for on the ship. ALTHOUGH, if you plan on staying out at port the ENTIRE time, I would recommend packing small snacks that are sealed. Cruise lines and ports may have policies against bringing fresh foods (fruits and veggies) on and off the ship. Make sure you know before you get off the ship. 🙂



Keep your goals in mind

Everyone has different goals. My goal is to become more flexible, get my backbend and of course, grow and firm up my booty! Well, I can still maintain those goals on the cruise. I can do yoga and stretching in my room. I can go up to the gym and lift. There are tons of healthy options for food. But even though I have goals, I still want to enjoy my vacation so I will, in moderation!

Honestly, the best part of having a goal of growing my booty is that I can eat more. You cannot build muscle if you are calorie deficient. However, if losing weight is your goal, I would still try to track calories as much as possible. Try to have healthier foods like the salad bar with chicken breast, eggs for breakfast, burgers without the bun and the main thing: try not to over eat. Your body will tell you when you are full. If you eat several small meals a day, you will stay satisfied and healthy!   You can do it!!



These tips are based off a cruise vacation but you can definitely use them towards any vacation you take! It is possible to enjoy yourself and still maintain your goals! What are some of the things you do to stay on track with your fitness goals?

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