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Quick Airport Workout

Quick Airport Workout

Airport workout

Ever see someone working out in the airport? No? Me either… Well that is until I did it! Waiting at an airport can get so boring! Why not do a short but effective workout?! I know what you are thinking… Why would you want to get sweaty before you get on a plane? Well, honestly, I thought the same thing. But then I thought about ALL of the sitting we do on the actual plane. Hours at a time… And its great to get that blood flowing! So when you are done with your workout, you can head into the bathroom and clean up if needed! You can change clothes. Or clean up using wipes, I like to use baby wipes. I always have baby wipes on me because Jackson is still in the process of possibly potty training. HAHA!

Yorton Family Vacation

We headed out an extended family vacation on a Carnival Cruise! YES! And Travel days tend to be hectic but I like to make time for a workout because working out is like an anti-depressant and an anti-anxiety medicine for me! Getting my heart pumping helps me keep calm. So I’ll take it! We got to our gate super early and I figured this was the perfect time while waiting at our gate to board our flight! Question… why are there not fitness rooms in an airport for this reason? Think about how calm the flight would be after a good workout! Hey, million dollar idea! (mention me if you do this and that you got the idea here! haha)

Here it is!

This workout is super short but super sweet! haha… You will do 3 sets of 10 reps per exercise! You can even shorten your warm up but make sure you are getting a warm up in to get your muscles ready to work. And also, make sure you are doing a cool down in to give your muscles time to relax afterward. You definitely want to stretch your muscles before you sit on the plane! The great thing about this workout is you can do it anywhere!

When I did this, I did it right at our gate waiting for our plane to come in! I got a few funny looks but that’s fine by me. It is funny to see, I know but I workout to better my health, not for anyone else. 🙂 I did laugh a lot at myself while doing this and my kids did get in the way a bit. BUT the best thing was I had family there to make sure the kids didn’t get into any other trouble while I was busy. If you don’t have 5 extra family members there to help you with your kids while you try this workout, I would have the kids do it with you!! How fun!! 

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Step by Step Instructions

Walking Lunges

  • First, start with your feet hip width apart
  • Next, step forward your left leg
  • Then, lower into a lunge
  • Pushing through your left heel, stand up bringing right leg next to left leg
  • Then step forward with your right leg
  • Then, lower into a lunge
  • Pushing through your right heel, stand up bringing left leg next to right leg
  • Repeat

Squat Jacks

  • First, start with your feet next to each other
  • Next, squat down
  • Pushing through your heels and still squatting, jump your legs out to a sumo squat
  • Then, pushing through heels again, jump back to a narrow squat
  • Repeat

Push Ups

  • First, get into high plank position with your hands on a chair
  • Then, slowly lower yourself down into a push up
  • Next, raise yourself back up
  • Repeat

Mountain Climbers

  • First, get into high plank position with your hands on a chair
  • Then, bring your left knee towards your chest
  • Next, slowly lower left foot back down
  • Then, bring your right knee towards your chest
  • Slowly lower right foot back down
  • Repeat

Tricep Dips

  • First, start with your hands on the seat and your body out in front
  • Next, slowly bend your elbows, lowering your body down
  • Then raise your body up by straightening your arms
  • Repeat

Single Leg Squats

  • First, start standing in front of your chair and lift your left foot up
  • Next, Slowly squat back to your chair, keeping your left leg up
  • Pushing through your right heel, stand up
  • Repeat
  • Switch sides

Seated Tucks

  • First, start siting at the edge of your chair
  • Then, lean back and engage your core
  • Next, lift your legs up off the ground
  • Then, Bring your knees to your chest
  • Slowly lower legs back
  • Repeat

Seated Bicycles

  • First, start sitting at the edge of your chair
  • Then, lean back and engage your core
  • With your hands behind you head, bring your knees to table top
  • Next, Twisting at your waist, bring your right elbow to your left knee and straighten your right leg
  • Return back to table top
  • Then, twisting at your waist, bring your left elbow to your right knee and straighten your left leg

Some advice, watch out for other people and luggage! HAHAHA!

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