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Fitness Products Every Fitness Lover Should Own

Fitness Products Every Fitness Lover Should Own

3 Fitness Products Every Fitness Lover Should Own

When it comes to working out at home, I believe you only need a few fitness products to get the best workout possible! Besides the obvious dumbbells (or free weights), there are 3 fitness products that every at home fitness enthusiast should own! Don’t get me wrong, you can get a great workout using only your body weight. But if you are looking to enhance your workouts and add a few products to your home gym, these are the 3 (I think) you should have! I workout 3 days a week at home and the other 3 days at the gym. So, I am pretty comfortable with certain fitness products. I mean, I have plenty workout products ranging from my Bosu Ball to dumbbells and kettlebells. But these 3 products are great and would definitely give you a great workout and a great recovery!


The Three Fitness Products that Every Fitness Lover Should Own Are:

  • Stability Ball
  • Foam Roller
  • Resistance Bands (mini bands)

These products do not take up much space and are affordable! If you have a large budget there are a lot of different products you can buy but these 3 every person who loves fitness should have!



Stability Ball

A Stability Ball is a great product. Not only can you use it for working out, you can also use it to work on posture! If you sit at home (which everyone does) you can sit on your stability ball instead of a chair! You can do it while working at your desk, eating dinner at your dining room table, or even while watching TV! As you probably know, if you have kids, the kids will want to play with the Stability ball. They may try to get on it and fall flat on their face. This is just a warning… It may or may not have happened in our household…

As for a workout, a Stability ball really challenges your balance and core! You can do almost every exercise with a stability ball and it adds the balance challenge. For example, you could do plank with your hands or arms on the ball or your feet on the ball. You could also do a sit up with your back on the ball. Or even hamstring curls while laying on the floor and your feet up on the ball! So fun!



Foam Roller

Foam Rollers are amazing. I’ve owned one for quite a long time but never know exactly how to use it. I would just roll it over my body fast and hoped I was doing it right. It honestly took until I started my NASM certification for me to release how to actually use a foam roller.

Foam Rollers release tension in your muscles. This tension can feel like knots in the muscle. You can use the foam roller before a workout and after a workout. The main thing with foam rollers is you need to slowly roll over the muscle, then hold on the knot for 30 seconds to fully release it. Let me tell you, this may feel like it hurts. The pressure of the roller on the knot is intense but afterward, you will feel AMAZING!

Outer hip Foam Roller



Mini Bands

I have a few workouts ( lower body and total body) that use mini bands (resistance bands). I love my mini bands. They are so great for added resistance! They can also help with form like with a push up! Mini bands can be super cheap and they can also be very expensive. I have bought my mini bands from Amazon because I have Prime and everything comes in 2 days and because they tend to be cheaper!

The different colors of the mini bands are the strengths. Most mini bands also state the strength on the band its self. For me, I use medium to heavy when doing leg exercises but I use extra light or light for arm exercises. (I’m not as strong in my upper body as I am in my lower body.) This is definitely a fitness product that everyone should have in their home gym, in their gym bag and on the go! They are such an easy piece to travel with since they are so tiny and fold up into basically nothing!



These 3 products are the 3 fitness products that I think every fitness enthusiast should own. If you already own these and are looking to expand you home gym, I would check out a Bosu Ball or kettlebells! If you already have all of those, then you must be fully stocked and you can give me some ideas on what other products to get! haha!! 



What are some of your favorite fitness products?

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