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Lower Belly “Pooch” Blast

Lower Belly “Pooch” Blast

The Dreaded “Pooch”

After having 2 kids, I had a belly pooch that I hated! I struggled with work outs for my lower abs. Since they were so weak, I didn’t want to do the exercises I needed to do to strengthen them! But after trying a few that were hard but fun, I started to add more of the lower ab exercises in!

Lower belly exercises can be very difficult if you do not have the strength. Make sure you take your time with these moves. If you need to modify, do so! Its better to modify then to cause pain or injury to your lower belly!


Lower Belly “Pooch” Blast

This lower belly pooch workout is 12 minutes on the floor! Yes, I said 12 minutes! If you are adding this to a workout, then you’ll have the warm up and cool down already. However, if you are doing this alone, make sure you warm up and cool down! For an ab only day, I like to cool down with ab stretches and back stretches… there are some good ones here!

You will do each exercise for 30 seconds with 10 second rest. You will do 3 sets of each exercise! This is a total lower belly blast! This can help you kiss your belly pooch goodbye! This workout is a great addition to another workout OR you can do it alone! I like to add abs into my cardio days. My cardio days tend to be super short so adding this lower belly blast makes it a perfect workout under 30 minutes!


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Step by Step Instructions:

Leg Lowers

  • First, start on back with legs straight up and feet flexed
  • Then, slowly lower legs as low as possible without lifting lower back off the mat
  • Next, slowly bring legs back up
  • Repeat

Flutter Kicks

  • First, start on back with legs straight out in front
  • Then lift legs up to about a 45 degree angle (higher if its too hard on your lower back or lower if you can)
  • Next cross legs over each other, switching which leg goes on top each time
  • Repeat

Reverse Crunches

  • First, start on back with knees up at 90 degree angle
  • Then lift hips and bring knees toward chest
  • Bring hips back down to ground
  • Repeat

Pulse Ups

  • First, start on back with legs straight up and feet flexed
  • Then lift your hips your hips off the ground
  • Next slowly lower back down
  • Repeat

Plank Jump ins

  • First, start in high plank position, with arms directly under shoulders
  • Next, jump feet in as close to arms as possible without lifting butt into air
  • Then, jump feet back out
  • Repeat

Jack Knife sit up

  • First, start laying on back with arms above head and legs out straight
  • Then sit up to a V position
  • Next, slowly lower back down
  • Repeat


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