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Healthy Meal Prep Recipes

Healthy Meal Prep Recipes

Meal Prep

Ok, so I will be honest with you. I am not much of a meal prep person. I am a stay at home mom. My husband works from home. So we eat most of our meals here. However, just because you meal prep doesn’t mean you need to take it to work! It is also nice to not have to cook every meal every day which I do.

So I am meal prepping for lunches. Lunch time tends to be the craziest for my family. Three out of seven days of the week, the kids and I go to the gym at 11:45am, lunch time. So, it gets kind of hectic. I like to feed them before going to the gym (even though they eat all of the snacks I pack for them when they are there… haha). And I definitely need to eat before I workout.

Meal prepping can be fun! It can also be a lot of work for one day. So be ready for that! I like to have a balanced meal and meal prepping is great for that! I even meal prepped for the kids (and my kids are PICKY, to put it mildly). Here are some of my favorites that I meal prepped for the week!


California Sushi Roll bowls with Cauliflower Rice Meal Prep

THIS IS SO GOOD! I am a huge sushi lover! I used to be able to throw down rolls upon rolls of sushi! But then I had kids and eating that much makes me sick! So now, if I eat 2 rolls without feeling gross, it is a good day! Haha.

I came across this recipe on pinterest (of course) and I absolutely needed to try it! Sushi in a bowl made with cauliflower rice by Kirbie’s Cravings! Sushi with a ton less carbs, I will take it!! O.M.G. It tastes just like a california roll (with sriracha mayo)! I added soy sauce because I love it! BUT Oh My Goodness, so good! Definitely try this if you like sushi! It is easy and actually pretty quick to make. I did add the nori in one of them because I was definitely going to eat it right away! If making this, wait to add the nori until right before you are going to eat it.

I will say one thing, I bought frozen cauliflower rice and when reading the nutritional label, I thought that would be enough for 4 servings… NOPE! It was just over 2 servings, so if you buy the frozen cauliflower rice, make sure you buy 2 bags of it if you are making the 4 servings! (I did contact the company and they stated it is based on pre-cooking not after it is cooked. They offered my a coupon for my next purchase which was super nice.)

Ok, so I tried these the next day after making them and…. They are still amazing! The flavor is there ad great! I am so glad I made these! I will probably make this a regular in my meal prep lunches from now on!!


Greek Chicken Bowls Meal Prep


So I have been on a Greek flavored foods kick recently. I guess I forgot how much I love it. First it was the greek burgers then we went out and got gyros at a local place (so good!). Now I am meal prepping Greek Chicken Bowls from Eazy Peazy Mealz. These are so easy to make! When meal prepping a lot, you want make sure it is easy (well at least I do) otherwise you probably won’t make it.

YUMMY! So good! Even well the chicken was marinating I got the Greek smells I hoped for! So delicious. The only thing I left out was the red onions. I am NOT a fan of raw onions… Yuck! But it tasted so Greek and good! All 4 of us really liked it! The kids didn’t care for the cucumber salad, it probably had a bit too much acid for them (vinegar) but it was so good! I would HIGHLY recommend!!

The second day, this was still very good! The flavors were able to soak in a bit more! The only issue I had was I wanted to heat up the rice and chicken but didn’t want to heat up the tomatoes and cucumbers. So I had to take out the tomatoes and cucumbers and heat the rice and chicken and then I dumped everything back it. It worked for me! Tasted so good!

Honey Sriracha Glazed Meatballs

Ok! So my kids LOVE meatballs. We don’t have them a lot because the frozen ones are high in sodium and other things I don’t want. AND I don’t like rolling them by hand.. Yes, lazy.. Haha! Well I saw this Honey Sriracha Glazed Meatballs from Eat Yourself Skinny on Pinterest and they looked so good! I decided I can roll a few meatballs!

This recipe makes about 40, yes 40, meatballs! WOW! That is a lot of meatballs to hand roll. But it was so simple to do. Why have I never done this before? I did add flaxmeal into it to give it a bit more thickness because it seemed very wet. (This is my first time hand rolling meatballs so I am not completely sure what it should be like when raw.. ha)

Anyway, so so so good! But man, was it spicy! I only put ¾ of the sriracha that the recipe called for but it was spicy. My mouth is still burning a bit but I like it! I did add more honey since I knew the kids would be eating these too! My daughter kept saying they were good but hot! My son ate his whole serving!! I loved it! My husband loved it! This is a real winner!


DIY Pizza Lunchables

I wanted to make some “kid friendly” meal prep options. My kids LOVE lunchables. I love lunchables but I don’t have them anymore.. The pepperoni pizza one were my FAVORITE! I remember eating them with my siblings while sitting in my mom’s van after leaving the grocery store. Childhood memories are the best!

So I was looking on Pinterest for some ideas. I looked for kid friendly and healthier. And I came across these DIY Pizza Lunchables by Damn Delicious! And let me tell you, these are super simple to put together! They are damn delicious!! I did change up a few things to make it a bit more kid friendly. I didn’t put in pizza sauce but instead added cherry tomatoes. I also used string cheese instead of shredded cheese. My kids are super messy! While shopping for pita chips I came across these Garlic Herb pita chips! YUM!

The kids loved them! My husband and I loved them! I think next time I will just use full sized pepperoni but other than that, this recipe is so fun! We took them to Packers’ training camp as our lunch and it was so handy and better than having to buy fast food! They only thing was the tomatoes got a bit smushy. (But hey, I put those in… so my bad haha.)


20 Minute Sheet Pan Healthy Sausage and Veggies

So I wanted to find another meal prep idea that would be super quick and simple. I wanted to be able to just cook everything together and put it in containers. Pinterest to the rescue! Gimme Delicious put together this Healthy Sausage and veggies recipe and it is so quick (20 minutes) and super easy! All you have to do it cube everything, toss in olive oil and your favorite seasonings, I used Italian seasoning!

This was so good!! I love how simple it was! And everything cooked well and tasted amazing! The kids even ate it! I will definitely put this in my rotation of meals the kids eat! Haha! Next time, I want to try smoked chicken sausage and l will add some onions! Maybe toss over some pasta! Everything tasted so good together!

The second day it was just as amazing! The flavors really soaked in so it tasted very “Italian”! haha! I am thinking about making a second trip to the store to buy the smoked chicken sausage to make this again!! So good and so easy!

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