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No Squats Firm Booty Workout

No Squats Firm Booty Workout

Firm booty and no squats?


First off I want to say, this shirt is HILARIOUS! I found it a year ago on Zulily and could not pass it up! MILF: Mom In Love with Fitness! I mean, I am a mom in love with fitness, so it fits… hahaha! These funny workout shirts are the best!

Anyway, when most women lose weight, they lose it from everywhere, including their butt. Losing weight from your booty can make it look like a flat pancake… (I love pancakes but not those kinds of pancakes.. haha). After 2 pregnancies and losing 30lbs, I lost my whole butt! I had a flat booty and had no idea how to fix it.

One thing I knew is that I wanted a perky, firm booty! So I started doing squats, squats and more squats… but it was not happening as fast as I hoped it would! My thighs started to gain muscle but my booty not so much. So after becoming a CPT (and following a ton of people on Instagram), I realized that squats weren’t going to give me the firm perky booty I want! I needed to do other exercises that work the glutes! I like to add these exercises to my leg day workout!


No Squats Firm Booty Workout

So here it is. My absolute FAVORITE booty building exercises! Do 15-20 reps of each exercise on each side, 2 sets through. This will make your booty BURN! O.M.G. Make sure with every exercise you are squeeze your glute muscles! You can do all of these with just your body weight or you can add weights! You could use ankle weights or bands for some of these moves! So go grab a chair and let’s build that booty! (Make sure your chair is sturdy enough to stand on so you do not fall!)


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Step by Step Instructions


  1. First, start with feet hip width apart
  2. Then with chest forward and back flat, slowly hinge at waist
  3. Go down as far as you can while keeping your back flat
  4. Next raise back up and squeeze butt
  5. Repeat

Step Ups

  1. First, start with feet hip width apart and on ground in front of chair
  2. Step left leg onto chair
  3. Then, pushing through your left heel, step onto chair
  4. If possible, raise right leg up
  5. Next, slowly lower back down to floor without landing hard
  6. Repeat
  7. Then switch to other side
  8. *Note* Try not to push through the foot that is on the floor

Bulgarian Lunges

  1. First, place left foot on chair and right foot out in front of you in high lunge position
  2. Next, lower down as close to the ground as possible
  3. Then squeezing booty and pushing through right heel raise back up
  4. Repeat
  5. Then switch to other side
  6. *Note* You may need to adjust the front leg out further

Hip Press

  1. First, with upper back on the chair and legs at 90 degree angle, place weight on hips (if using a weight)
  2. Next, lower booty as close to the ground as you can
  3. Then raise back up while squeezing booty
  4. Repeat

Donkey Kicks

  1. First, start in table top position and band just below the knees (if using a band)
  2. Then lift left leg up behind and keeping leg at 90 degree angle, squeezing booty
  3. Return left leg down next to right leg
  4. Try to keep back flat
  5. Repeat
  6. Then switch to other side

Fire Hydrant

  1.  First, start in table top position and band just below the knees (if using a band)
  2. Then lift left leg, keeping ankle and knee at the same level, squeeze booty
  3. Next bring left leg back down
  4. Repeat
  5. Then switch to other side

Rainbow Leg Lifts

  1. First, start in table top position
  2. Next, bring left leg straight back and across the right leg
  3. Then raise the left leg up in a curve to the left side
  4. Next, bring the left leg back to the right side
  5. Repeat
  6. Then switch to other side

Single Leg Bridge

  1. First, start on back with knees bent
  2. Then raise left leg so it is pointing straight up
  3. Next place weights on right hip (skip this step if not using weights)
  4. Pushing through right heel and squeezing butt, raise hips up
  5. Then slowly lower back down
  6. Repeat
  7. Switch sides and repeat

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