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12 Minute Home Cardio Workout

12 Minute Home Cardio Workout

Quick Plyometric Workout

A really great and quick at home cardio workout is a Plyometric (plyo) workout. These types of workouts are where some part of you leaves the ground at some point. Plyo exercises are a great way to get some cardio into your workouts. I like to do them all at once to get a good cardio session in! But sometimes, I add them into other workouts, like my leg day workout! A 12 minute plyo workout for my cardio for the week, ummm… yes!

The benefit of a plyo workout is to get your heart rate soaring which burns major calories! Everyone wants to burn calories. And the BEST thing about plyo workouts is that you do not need weights! So this means you can do it ANYWHERE! And I mean anywhere! An easy workout on the go. I won’t lie, I’d totally do this in the airport during a layover or even in my hotel room before heading out to explore for the day!


For this workout, you will be doing 3 Tabatas. Each tabata will have 2 different exercises. 6 exercises. 12 minutes. AND DONE! Ok, add a warm up and cool down and you will still be under 20 minutes and done!! Not bad! The best thing about tabatas is they are 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. So you work your hardest for 20 seconds then you get a short rest and then continue to do that for 12 minutes! WOW! Doesn’t sound that bad, huh?

The last tabata in this workout has burpees, of course! Would you expect anything less of me? If you want to try out some different types of burpees, check out this post for 6 fun burpees! Then every time you do this workout, you can change up the burpees to keep it fun and challenging!


Tabata #1

Squat jacks

  1. First with feet hip width apart, squat down
  2. Next, pushing through heels, jump feet out to sumo squat
  3. Then jump feet back in to a narrow squat
  4. Repeat


Lunge jumps

  1. First, get into lunge position with left foot forward
  2. Next, pushing through left foot, jump up bringing right knee up
  3. Repeat for first 2 rounds on left side
  4. Then switch to right side for next 2 rounds


Tabata #2


  1. First, start on left leg forward and right left behind and diagonal
  2. Pushing through the heel of your left leg, jump to the right
  3. Landing softly on the right foot, bring left leg behind right and cross left arm in front of right knee
  4. Next, pushing through right heel, jump to the left
  5. Landing softly on the left foot, bring right leg behind left and cross right arm in front of left knee
  6. Repeat


Sumo squat jumps

  1. First, have left wider than shoulder width apart and toes pointed at 45 degree angle
  2. Next squat down
  3. Then pushing through heels, jump up
  4. Land softly in a sumo squat
  5. Repeat

Tabata #3

Plank jacks

  1. First, in high plank position, jump feet out wide
  2. Then jump feet back in narrow
  3. Repeat


  1. First, stand with feet hip width apart
  2. Then squat down low with hands on floor in front of you
  3. Next, jump legs out directly behind into high plank
  4. Jump legs back towards hands
  5. Then push through heels and jump straight up
  6. Repeat


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