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Healthy Quick Breakfast Ideas

Healthy Quick Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is my favorite

If you follow me on Instagram, you see I really like breakfast! My favorite breakfast food is pancakes! I eat pancakes A LOT. Like ALL the time. Sometimes I eat them for breakfast and lunch! They are just so good! Check out my healthy pancakes post for more!

However, there are times when I want to change up my breakfasts! So I turned to Pinterest, my go to search engine, and I found some great healthy breakfasts that I needed to try! I like breakfast to be easy and pretty quick. I don’t mind actually cooking in the morning but there are times I just want to eat right away.

Birthday Cake Batter Overnight Oats

One of my favorite flavors is birthday cake! It may be because I cannot eat chocolate and chocolate is basically in every flavor except birthday cake… Or it could be because it makes me feel like its my birthday! And I LOVE my birthday! I was searching Pinterest for an easy breakfast recipe and I stumbled across Birthday Cake Batter Overnight Oats from Fit Foodie Finds! (I need some Mason Jars if I’m going to be making more overnight oats…)

Overnight Oats are so easy to make! You basically mix everything up in bowl or cup and put it in the fridge overnight! Then in the morning, it is ready for you! Seriously, how easy and quick is that?! Well, Fit Foodie Finds created one that has my favorite flavor so, guess what, I tried it! AND… it was good! I am a sucker for sprinkles. So adding (blue) sprinkles definitely was the icing on the cake for me, pun intended! The fact that this recipe was super simple and I had almost all of the ingredients on hand was a major plus! It tastes like licking the bowl after mixing up some birthday cake batter! Yum!!


Grain Free Strawberry Rhubarb Chia Muffins

Summertime means strawberry rhubarb flavored desserts for this family! My husband LOVES strawberry rhubarb pie and would love it if I brought one home every time I went to the grocery store. So I took that in mind when I wanted to find another breakfast recipe to try. The Real Food RDs posted this grain free strawberry rhubarb chia muffins recipe.

Let me tell you, when I was mixing this up it smelled SO good; I just wanted to eat the batter! I made these as mini muffins because it is fun! These were so good! My son could not stop eating them! HAHA! He loves strawberries! And my husband absolutely loved them, in case you are wondering! So yummy! Definitely a perfectly sweet breakfast! I highly recommend these amazing muffins that are perfect for summertime!


Healthy Flourless 1 minute Greek Yogurt Banana Oat Muffin


I have always loved trying mug cakes, mainly because you can make a cake in 1 minute in the microwave! Quick and easy! This one caught my eye because there is no flour in it! The Big Man’s World really hit it out of the park with this healthy flourless 1 minute greek yogurt banana oat muffin recipe!


It takes amazing! Definitely banana cake like! I did not add the sweetener and I also did not add the chocolate chips. And I added Reddi Wip on top because it is low carbs and it is AMAZING! I made it as is at first and it was great. The kids LOVED it! So I had to make it again for myself and this time I added ¼ scoop of Quest Salted Caramel Protein! Since I didn’t add a sweetener, the protein powder made it so sweet and yummy! The recipe is perfect as is but the protein powder not only adds protein but then you can flavor it whatever way you want. For me, that was Salted Caramel! Definitely try this one!! He also has a lot of other mug cakes, so check out his site!

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