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Grilling Up Summer Recipes

Grilling Up Summer Recipes

Summertime Grilling

It is summer time and we love to grill here in Wisconsin! My husband would grill everything everyday which is great! I do the prepping and then he does the grilling! Team work!

The hard part of grilling is sometimes it can be hard to control your portions and macros, especially if the food is good! Our neighbor makes some killer chicken wings with amazing BBQ sauce… But if you are trying to cut back on carbs, it may be hard with those wings as you do not know how much sugar is in the BBQ.

So I went to my favorite place, Pinterest to figure out some yummy healthy dishes for you all to try! I was looking for both main dishes and side dishes and I came across some GREAT recipes!! Thank you fellow bloggers!


Greek Burgers

So the first dish we tried was Greek Burgers from Savory Tooth. AND O. M. G. These burgers were so so so good. And super easy to make! When making burger patties, I like to use my hands and I think that really helped to bind the ingredients together. The burger was juicy. The toasted bun was perfect. The tomatoes and spinach were fresh. And the Tzatziki sauce was creamy and store bought.. Haha! But putting the whole burger together, yum! It was so good!! I want to make this dish weekly!

The only thing I did not put in was the shallots. I am not a fan of raw shallots. I think maybe adding onions into the patty before grilling it would be great! Next time, I am going to try that!! I also used “mediterranean” Feta cheese which is Feta cheese with mediterranean spices in it! I also used Hawaiian hamburger buns… Surprise, surprise.. If you read my meatless Monday post, you will see that I love Hawaiian rolls! Make sure you try this burger! It is so good and filling!



Fathead Low Carb Pizza Dough & Bruschetta Chicken Zoodle Bowls

Have you ever craved grilled pizza… (The crisp of the outer crust and the soft, warm inside of the dough. And the melty cheese and tomato sauce and whatever toppings you love!) But you don’t want ALL the carbs? I am so happy I came across this low carb pizza dough recipe. My husband has been asking for weeks to grill some pizzas. I thought he wanted to just throw a frozen pizza on the grill… Nope! He wanted a homemade pizza on the grill. So I did my Pinterest research and I found this recipe from Joy Filled Eats for a low carb pizza dough and how to make it! I was surprised at how EASY it was to make. And the crust cooked SO fast! Which is amazing!


I wanted to keep it super healthy so instead of adding tomato sauce and a ton of cheese and toppings, I found a bruschetta chicken zoodle bowl recipe that sounded amazing. Thank you Whitney Bond! Instead of doing the zoodles and making it into a bowl, I added the chicken and the tomato basil bruschetta to the pizza dough! AND yummmmmmmmmy!

This pizza is amazing! I would not change a thing! The crust stayed crisp even with me adding the bruschetta directly on it and then adding the grilled chicken on top. The flavor of the chicken was SPOT on! And the flavor of the tomato basil bruschetta was perfect! I would eat that on the pizza crust even without the chicken!! YUM! I highly recommend these recipes! I tried the chicken and bruschetta without the crust and it was super good! So as the zoodle bowl, I know it would be delicious! As for the crust, don’t be afraid to add tomato sauce and your favorite toppings!



Grilled Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps

My husband and I love wings. We used to go out for wings almost every Thursday to a local bar that had boneless wings for 25 cents each! Sadly, that bar closed down… And we needed to figure out wings on our own. I have tried wings a couple of ways and they didn’t turn out as well as I hoped.. The breading didn’t stick or it would get soggy in the oven. Don’t even get me started on pan frying… And I just got an air fryer and made chicken strips in it and they were great! But I never thought of grilling the chicken breast! Pinterest lead me to this Grilled Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps from Joyful Healthy Eats and I NEEDED to try it.

Yes! This is amazing and so simple to make! And there are only a few ingredients! I love recipes like this!! So yummy!! I used romaine leaves because I love the crunch they have! And I didn’t add avocado because I honestly am not a fan of avocado. However, my husband says it would probably be really good with avocado!


Kettle Corn Grilled Sweet Potatoes

Ok, I am a sucker for sweet potatoes. I mainly make them in the oven! Sometimes I will cook them in a pan as a hash, which is so good! But I never thought about grilling them. The Big Man’s World has a super easy kettle corn grilled sweet potato recipe! I saw that it was only a few ingredients and I had to try it! Yum! These were so delicious! I am so glad I made them! We ate them with the Buffalo chicken lettuce wraps and not only did it add some nutritious carbs, it made me feel like I was eating buffalo wings and french fries at a bar! But it was so much healthier made at home! My son who also likes sweet potatoes just as much as me, ate these up! Definitely check this out!!


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