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Yummy Taco Tuesday Ideas

Yummy Taco Tuesday Ideas

Taco Tuesday!

I absolutely love tacos! So whoever came up with the idea of eating tacos every Tuesday is the best! Yes, Taco Tuesdays! I mean any excuse to eat tacos, right?? 2Sometimes the family and I will eat tacos a few times a week… especially if I have a ton of ground beef to eat up! Ha!

I was looking to try some new taco dishes that are different than the typical ground beef, seasoning, lettuce, tomato and cheese taco! So I looked around pinterest! I love pinterest, if you haven’t guessed that already. Pinterest is full of amazing ideas from bloggers and websites all over the world! And for me, its all about the pictures… I mean Google is great but Pinterest shows you pictures of the recipe or website first!! And the pictures are what draws you in to try the recipe!


These 3 recipes caught my eye! Chicken and avocado taco, Honey lime sweet potato black bean and corn tacos, and low carb taco shells with spinach. So I thought I would try them out and let you all know what we thought! I made all 3 of these for one dinner. Let me tell you, these recipes alone would be great! And they all had nice flavors that married very well together! It was a lot of work to get all of these done at once but I am happy I did it this way!


Low Carb Taco Shells with Spinach

For the shell, we had low carb taco shells with spinach by Sweet As Honey. I probably could have made them a little thinner but I think the thickness was perfect for the heavy chicken! The taste was great! It kind of had an eggy taste, but I love eggs so that was fine for me! I also used gluten free all purpose flour instead of almond meal because that was what I had on hand. My “low carb” hubby and I really enjoyed this taco shell! Kids were tougher critics! Haha… Highly recommend this recipe if you are looking for a homemade low carb taco shell!  


Sweet As Honey recommended having this with scrambled eggs and salsa so I had to try that for lunch and it was so yummy!! If you have leftovers when you make this, definitely eat it with eggs and salsa! So good and so easy!


Honey Lime Sweet Potato Black Bean and Corn Tacos

We had the Honey Lime Sweet Potato Black Bean and Corn tacos from Cooking Classy as a “side dish”. Let me start off by saying, I am not a fan of beans. I don’t like the texture. The taste is not very good (to me). HOWEVER, in this dish I could hardly taste the beans! Beans and sweet potatoes have a similar texture (and I am obsessed with sweet potatoes) so that helped “mask” it for me! There was just enough sweetness from the honey and acid from the lime. It tasted so good! I could totally just eat that for a whole meal with a tortilla or on some tortilla chips with some salsa! Yes, salsa! That is what I needed!! Definitely check out this recipe! It is so good!! Such a great vegetarian dish!



Chicken and Avocado Taco

And because my husband and kids love meat… Ok, I do too… We needed to have some kind of taco meat with our dinner. This Chicken and Avocado taco sounded so good! All of the spices on the chicken tasted amazing and so flavorful. The kids loved the chicken and even asked for more!! Yes!!! I used plain greek yogurt for the sauce and it was yummy! The chicken cooked so fast, which was great! Putting this recipe together was super simple and that is a huge plus when you are short on time especially during the work week! I love easy recipes that I can do quickly while still watching 2 kids run around!  If you love chicken tacos with great spice and creamy sauces, check this recipe out!!



If you are looking for some fun and yummy ways to spice up your Taco Tuesdays, check out those recipes! Overall, I would definitely make all 3 again! And luckily we have a bit of the Sweet potato, black bean, and corn taco left over for a great lunch! Hooray for leftovers! I think I’m going to add a over easy egg to the top! Yum! Looking for more meatless meals, check out this post!

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