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Total Body Bosu Workout

Total Body Bosu Workout

A Bosu What?

I love to try new things, that are fitness related, of course. Ha. When I joined the gym I got to, they had a class I needed to try out. It’s called Bosu Core and More. This class is basically a class that incorporates Bosu Balls in the workout. And I loved it! Core Bosu workouts are great but sometimes you need a Total Body Bosu workout! Seriously, I love the Bosu Ball so much, I convinced my husband that I needed one of my own!

My Bosu Ball is amazing. I mean besides the fact that it is hot pink! Ok, who am I kidding, I love me some pink! Cue “Pink is my favorite color….” A Bosu ball is like a half stability ball and half a board  (like a plastic board). You can use it either way for different exercises. Balancing on the ball portion with the flat side down is perfect for squats and lunges. While, the flat side up is great for push ups, planks, and my favorite, Burpees! The best thing about it is it works your stabilizing muscles and you core so much!

Total Body Bosu Workout

This Total Body Bosu Workout is a total of 4 sets. 3 exercises per set with a balance challenge. The first 2 exercises will be 15 reps each and the balance challenge is 30 second hold. You will do each set of exercises 2 times through. This workout will take about 25 minutes with warm up and cool down!

And because I love you all so much, we are going to start this workout with Burpees!! Yes!!! Hey, think of it this way… Doing the burpees first in the workout means you get them done right away! WooHoo!! I think you all should be pros at burpees by now, especially if you’ve done my burpee workout!!

If you do not have a Bosu Ball at home or do not have access to one at a gym, you can do all of these without the Bosu! These exercises would be great to just do on the floor! So grab your mat, your Bosu Ball (if you have one), some weights and come workout with me! Also weights are totally optional!


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Exercises Step by Step

Set 1:


  1. First, stand behind of Bosu with feet hip width apart and Bosu flat side up
  2. Next squat down with hands on Bosu
  3. Then jump feet straight back into high plank
  4. Next bring feet back in towards Bosu
  5. Come into squat position
  6. Raising Bosu over head, stand up tall
  7. Finally, repeat

Lunge Around the World

  1. First, stand with feet together on top of the Bosu
  2. Next, Lunge right leg forward off the Bosu
  3. Pushing off the right heel, stand back on top of the Bosu
  4. Then, lunge right leg out to the right side
  5. Pushing off the right heel, stand back on top of the Bosu
  6. Next, lunge right leg of the Bosu behind
  7. Pushing off the right heel, stand back on top of the Bosu
  8. Repeat with left side on next set

Squat Hold

  1. First, Stand on top of the Bosu
  2. Next, squat down into a squat
  3. HOLD for 30 seconds

Set 2:

Bird Dog

  1. First, start in tabletop position on top of Bosu
  2. Next, reach right arm out infront of you
  3. At the same time, push left leg out behind you
  4. Bring both right arm and left leg back to Bosu
  5. Repeat
  6. Switch sides on next set


  1. First, stand on top of Bosu
  2. Next, slowly push booty back with a flat back
  3. Then push through heels to standing
  4. Repeat

Side Plank hold

  1. Start with left elbow on the Bosu in a side plank
  2. Lift hips off the ground
  3. HOLD for 30 seconds
  4. Do right side on the next set


Set 3:

Back Extension

  1. First, lay down with stomach on the Bosu
  2. With hands behind the head, slowly lift chest off the Bosu
  3. Next, lower back down
  4. Repeat

Crab Toe Touch

  1. First, start in crab position with hands on the Bosu and feet on the floor infront of you
  2. Push with the triceps to lift hips off the Bosu
  3. Next, Kick left foot up
  4. While doing that, reach right arm up and over to meet left foot
  5. Return left foot and right arm back down
  6. Repeat
  7. Switch sides with next set

Plank hold

  1. First, flip Bosu to flat side up
  2. Get into low plank position with elbows and forearms on the Bosu
  3. HOLD for 30 seconds


Set 4:

Push ups

  1. First, with the Bosu flat side up, start in high plank position
  2. Next lower self down into push up (make sure core is engaged)
  3. Then push self up
  4. Repeat

Single leg Bridge

  1. First, lay with back on ground and feet on Bosu (ball side up)
  2. Next raise left leg straight up with foot flexed
  3. Squeezing booty muscles, left hips off the ground
  4. Slowly lower back down
  5. Repeat
  6. Switch to other side with next set

V hold

  1. First, sit on the Bosu a little off the middle
  2. Next slowly raise legs up into V position
  3. Then raise arms to next to your ears
  4. HOLD for 30 seconds


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