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Desk Workout

Desk Workout

I’m sure a lot of you sit a lot during the day! I know I do. Even though I workout 6 days a week, I still spend a lot of time sitting. Sitting for 8-10 hours a day can take its effect on you. Your neck can hurt. Sometimes, you could feel like your shoulders are hunched over. You may have pain in upper back AND lower back. Oh, and the headaches!! Also, your hips can feel tight. So why not try a desk workout?

Most people do not think to stretch neck, shoulder, and back muscles to relieve stress on those muscles. After stretching those muscles, it is good to do some light exercises to strengthen those muscles and these can be done right at your desk: a desk workout!


Anyone else sit all day?

When my husband, who sits at a desk all day for work, asked me to put together some stretches and exercises for him, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to post about it. A lot of you don’t have a lot of time to workout but if you can take a 10-15 minute break during the day, you can do these stretches and exercises! And they can help you to feel better!

This desk workout can be done at work, or at home. You could even do this at the gym as a bonus stretch and workout! 


Desk Workout

The warm up for this workout will be the neck, shoulder, hips and back stretches, which you will hold for 5 deep breaths before moving onto the next one. Also, this workout consists of only 5 moves! Yes, I said 5! You will do them 10 times each (each side for alternating moves) for 3 sets.

Print this out and keep it right by your desk, that way when you are waiting for that email or are in between calls, you can do the stretches and exercises. And hey, why can’t you keep some light weights right at your desk?! If you cannot have dumbbells at your desk, no problem, You can use resistance bands OR you could use a couple staplers! Hey, why not be creative with your weights! Even if you don’t want to use weights, it is still a great workout to strength your upper body!


Pin this workout to try it out later!


Steps on how to do each stretch and exercise

Warm Up/Cool Down

Neck stretch (while doing these, keep your mouth open to relax neck muscles)

  1. First, look to your left, keeping shoulders down
  2. Next, look to your right, still keeping shoulders down
  3. Then, look up above you
  4. Now, look straight down

Neck and shoulder stretch

  1. Reach left hand up across head to left side
  2. Next, lean your head down towards your left shoulder
  3. Liftly put pressure on your head through you fingers. Try not to pull too hard.
  4. Switch sides and repeat

Shoulder Stretch

  1. First, reach left arm across chest
  2. Then with your right arm supporting, lightly pull your left arm
  3. Switch sides and repeat

Cat Cow

  1. First, arch your your back and push chest out
  2. Next, round your back
  3. Lower head to chest
  4. Put arms out in front of you, palms facing out

Forward Bend

  1. First, stand in front of your chair
  2. Next slowly roll down so your head is in front of your feet
  3. You can pull with your arms to extend the stretch
  4. Or you can just hang


  1. First, start standing in front of your chair
  2. Turn to the left side
  3. Lunge your right leg back
  4. While sitting your left hip on the chair, bend your left knee
  5. Next, hold.
  6. Switch sides and repeat

Eagle Wrap

  1. First, take your left arm in front of you in a 90 degree angle
  2. Next, wrap your right arm around by putting your right elbow under your left elbow
  3. Then, reach your right hand towards the palm of your left hand.
  4. Hold.
  5. Switch sides and repeat



Shoulder Press

  1. First seated, raise arms to sides at 90 degree angles with hands facing outward
  2. Next, raise arms straight above shoulders
  3. Slowly lower to first position
  4. Repeat

Lateral Raise

  1. First as seated, arms should be at sides
  2. Then, raise arms directly to the shoulder height
  3. Next, lower back down
  4. Repeat

Bent Over Row

  1. First as seated, bend at waist slightly, keeping back flat
  2. Next, row hands towards ribs
  3. Then return back down to sides
  4. Repeat

Front Raise

  1. First as seated, raise left arm directly in line of your shoulder
  2. Next, lower left arm back down
  3. Raise right arm directly in line with your shoulder
  4. Then, lower right arm back down
  5. Repeat

Bent Over Reverse Fly

  1. First as seated, bend at waist slightly, keeping back flat
  2. Next, with a slight bend at elbows, bring arms out to sides, squeezing back
  3. Then, return back down
  4. Repeat


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