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No Running Cardio Workout

No Running Cardio Workout


So, I am a sucker for graphic fitness tanks! They are amazing! I especially enjoy the ones that are super sassy… And this fitness tank is prefect because it combines 2 things that I spent time focusing on today: coffee and cardio!

If you are anything like me, when you think of cardio, you think of running: either on a treadmill or outside. Well, I hate running.  Because it is way too hard on my knees. And I don’t like the treadmill because I feel so restricted. Basically, running sucks!!


However, I recently ran a 5k with my mom. Since she’s a big runner and this 5k fell on her birthday, I figured I’d run it with her! Ouch! Training for a 5k for someone who never runs and hates running was not easy. While I spent a lot of time on the treadmill, my knees still hurt after this run. But we completed the 5k in 39 minutes, which is incredible for me! But afterward, I was really, really hurting! Haha.. Although I am so happy I completed it, I will not do anymore running. The most running you will see me doing is either in a warm up or the high knees in this workout!!


My kind of Cardio

When it comes to cardio, I like to do different types of moves to get my heart rate up and get the sweat pouring! The moves I look for tend to work your entire body. Some are lower focused yet some are core focused, and as a result, they all will increase your heart rate.

So, this no equipment cardio workout will be intense! But it is short! YES!! You will do 2 sets of 10 exercises for 45 seconds of work and have a 15 second rest. Therefore, it will take you a whole 20 minutes to finish! WOW! So add a warm up and a cool down and you will definitely be under 30 minutes!


Best of all, we will be ending this workout with my absolute favorite exercise… Burpees!!! Yes! Everyone hates burpees because they are hard. But they work all of the major muscles in your body and they send your heart rate soaring!! So yeah, I love them! Also, there are so many different ways to do burpees. That is what I think makes them so great. In this workout, I just did a basic burpee without a pushup, but if you want to modify and make it easier or harder, you definitely can! If you are looking to try out some new burpees, check out my latest post! It is also a no running cardio workout!


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Steps on how to do each exercise

High Knees

  1. First, start feet hip width apart
  2. Raise knee above waist level
  3. Then return back down
  4. Repeat while alternating sides
  5. Can do this like jogging in place OR can just do one leg at a time for low impact

Sumo Squat Jumps

  1. First, start feet out wide and toes pointed out at a 45 degree angle
  2. Then squat down keeping back straight
  3. Pushing through heels, jump up
  4. Land softly through ball of foot
  5. Repeat

Kick Lunge

  1. First, start feet hip width apart
  2. Lunge left foot forward, legs should be in 90 degree angles
  3. Pushing through left heel to stand
  4. Balance on Right foot
  5. Kick left foot forward
  6. Repeat
  7. Then switch to other leg


  1. First, start feet hip width apart, hands behind head
  2. Then lower down to left knee
  3. Line right knee up with left knee, kneeling
  4. Take left leg out in front to get ready to stand
  5. Pushing through left heel, stand
  6. Repeat
  7. Then switch to other side

Squat to Lunge

  1. First, start feet hip width apart
  2. Then squat down
  3. Take left leg behind into lunge
  4. Bring left leg back to right leg in squat position
  5. Repeat with other leg
  6. Continue while staying in a squat position

Knee Pulls

  1. First, start with left leg bent with all the weight in that leg, leaning forward and arms above head
  2. Crunch right leg into chest and bring arms down towards knee, try to keep left leg bent
  3. Then bring right leg back down and arms back up
  4. Repeat
  5. Switch to other side

Plank jacks

  1. First, start in high plank position with arms directly under shoulders
  2. Jump legs out wide
  3. Jump legs back in narrow
  4. Repeat

In and Outs

  1.  First, start in low V position, with legs above ground
  2. Crunch legs into chest while bring chest towards legs
  3. Back to starting position
  4. Repeat

Mountain Climbers

  1. First, start in high plank position with hands directly under shoulders
  2. Slowly bring left knee to left elbow
  3. Return back to starting position
  4. Slowly bring right knee to right elbow
  5. Return back to starting position
  6. Repeat


  1. First, start standing with feet hip width apart
  2. Then squat down low with hands on floor in front of you
  3. Jump feet out directly behind into high plank
  4. **option** Push up
  5. Jump feet back towards hands
  6. Pushing through heels and jump straight up
  7. Repeat

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