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Ultimate Bikini Body Workout

Ultimate Bikini Body Workout

Swimsuit season

Swimsuit season is here! This past weekend we had 4 days that were hot enough to swim in our pool here in Wisconsin! YES! What a great Memorial Day weekend! Consequently, summer time means bikini 24/7 in my household (benefit of having a pool in the backyard!). Thank goodness for Popsicles!

As we enjoyed the brief early summer this past Memorial Day weekend, I thought about the making the Ultimate Bikini Body Workout. Because everyone wants to look good this summer especially in a bikini.

Ultimate Bikini Body Workout

So here are 10 moves that will help to enhance your bikini body in less than 30 minutes a day! YES!! 30 minutes to get one step closer to a bikini body? I can do that!!

This workout will work not only your legs, butt and core but also you upper body. Just because your butt and core look good, doesn’t mean you arms and back shouldn’t look good as well!

2 sets of 12-15 reps each exercise, each side. As a result, this will put you under 30 minutes, add a warm up and cool down and you are all set! I chose to use lighter weights for this workout but if you have heavier weights, you can definitely use them. Yet if you don’t have dumbells, you do not need to use any weights! Because body weight workouts are also great!

For lower body exercises, I tend to use heavier weights because the lower body has the biggest muscles so they can definitely handle it. And I like to use lighter weights for upper body since it is personally not as strong as my lower body. So, do what is right for you!! 🙂


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Exercises Step by Step

Squat side leg lift

  1. First, start feet about hip width apart
  2. Then squat down
  3. While standing lift left leg to side
  4. Try to keep hips forward
  5. Lower back down
  6. Repeat with other side

Forward lunge kickback

  1. First, start with feet hip width apart
  2. Then lunge left leg forward, slowly bend down with knees in 90 degree angles
  3. Pushing through heel of left leg back to standing
  4. Swing left leg through back behind while squeezing your butt
  5. Bring foot back forward to repeat

Curtsy lunge pulse

  1. First, start with feet hip width apart
  2. Then bring left foot behind and to the side of right leg
  3. Try to keep hips forward facing
  4. Then squat down
  5. Next, pulse up and down
  6. Bring left foot back next to right foot
  7. Repeat other side


  1. First, start with feet hip width apart
  2. With chest forward and back flat, slowly hinge at waist
  3. Go down as far as you can while keeping your back flat
  4. Next, raise back up and squeeze butt
  5. Repeat

Standing knee to elbow

  1. First, start leaning over to left side with right arm above head and right leg pointed out away from you
  2. Then crunch knee to elbow
  3. Next, bring leg back down
  4. Repeat
  5. Switch sides and repeat

Bent over row to tricep extension

  1. First, start with feet hip width apart
  2. Then bend at waist, keep back flat
  3. Next, row hands towards ribs
  4. Then move hands toward back, straightening arms
  5. Move arms back into first position towards ribs
  6. Return back down to sides
  7. Repeat


  1. First, start standing with feet hip width apart
  2. Then slowly roll all the way down to forward fold
  3. Walk hands out to high plank position
  4. Hold for a second
  5. Walk hands back towards feet
  6. Slowly roll back up, one vertebrae at a time
  7. Repeat

Plank walk

  1. First, start in high plank position
  2. Then slowly move left arm and left leg out to left side just a little bit
  3. Bring right arm and right leg back underneath body
  4. Continue a few reps to the left than back to the right
  5. Repeat

Mountain climbers

  1. First, start in high plank position
  2. Then, lowly bring left leg to left elbow
  3. Next, return back to starting position
  4. Then slowly bring right leg to right elbow
  5. Return back to starting position
  6. Repeat

Single leg bridge

  1. First, start on back with knees bent
  2. Then raise left leg so it is pointing straight up
  3. Next, place weights on right hip (skip this step if not using weights)
  4. Pushing through right heel and squeezing butt, raise hips up
  5. Then, slowly lower back down
  6. Repeat
  7. Switch sides and repeat



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